Beboy Condoms:

Beboy Condoms Price List | Size of Beboy Condoms | Types of Beboy Condoms Beboy condom is an attractive condom brand that was launched in Bangladesh in 2017. For the first time in Bangladesh, Baby Dot, Ribbed, Contoured, and Wood perfume are being used with condoms. Beboy condoms are specially designed for many men's penises who have large penis heads (glans penis) which is a feature rare in condom brands found in the country, especially comfortable for men. This allows you to use condoms with oral, vaginal, and anal sex as well as condoms. There are no side effects. You may be surprised to know that according to the current company's website, Beboy condoms are the first in the world to receive pre-qualification status from WHO / UNFPA, which means that condoms are of high quality and comply with world condom standards. Beboy condoms are made using German skinning technology and are marketed using advanced electronic testing on each condom. About the Company, Beboy Condom has been launched in Bangladesh by Beta Medical which is an Indian pharmaceutical company in collaboration with Dubai-based SIFFA International DWC LLC.